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Eklektik Dekorasyon

Eclectic Decoration

We can explain the meaning of the word eclectic in decoration, which is also used in the sense of chosen, in the sense of choosing different items from different points, bringing together and compiling them. The aim in this style is to create a decoration style that the person who creates the s...
Anadolu Kilim Motifleri Ve Anlamları

Anatolian Rug Motifs and Their Meanings

Anatolian Rug Motifs and Their Meanings Anatolian Rug Motifs and Their Meanings Since its existence, human beings need to tell about their feelings, life, values, ideas, daily life, past and dreams. The people of every region and every period transfer this to their art by using the resources they...
Neden Paravan?

Why Paravan?

The screens, one of the most beautiful accessories brought by the Far East culture to home decoration, consist of more than 2 pieces and are used as a separator in the spaces. The fronts, which the Japanese call the Wind Wall, are available in sizes ranging from 2 blades to 6 blades. Adapting to ...
Zeytin Ağacı Hakkında

About the Olive Tree

An attractive decorative look for your home and kitchen, wooden designs from olive wood... That unique material that adds elegance to your presentations with its natural form and eye-catching texture. With its natural color, veins and personality stance, it is one of the strongest tree species in...
Ailemizin Yeni Üyesi "Collective"

New Member of Our Family "Collective"

It was opened as an art gallery in Istanbul-Galata within the body of Çiçek İşleri in 2018. Over time, it has brought a new perspective to living spaces by bringing together the artworks of many artists with modern interior furniture and accessories. Today, the Collective has its own collection, ...