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Who We Are ?

We have carried our product-oriented story into space designs by adding the Collective brand to our journey that we started with Çiçekişleri in partnership with Bülent can and Sedat Türk since its beginning, which is nearly 10 years old. Today, we have added many items from furniture, home decoration and kitchen utensils to decorative paintings and mirrors, from dining tables to armchairs and coffee tables, to screens, to the retail store that we entered by producing home accessories for nature and naturalness. We produce a large part of the integrated design and product range in our own workshops, using natural materials and adapting the ethnic values ​​of Anatolia to the present. At the same time, we bring the forgotten local arts to the light again by supporting local craftsmen through joint work with different Ateliers. As Çiçekişleri, we also provide interior architecture and decoration services to spaces. We aim to reflect the unique style and comfort of Çiçekişleri to spaces with our original product range and style, which we combine with our Human First policy.


We Are Çiçekişleri