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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order reach me?

After the confirmation of your order, your order will be delivered to the cargo immediately after the preparation and invoicing of your product. After your order is delivered to the cargo, it reaches you within 1-3 working days on average. Our estimated delivery time is calculated on business days. Delivery time may vary between 3-5 business days for shipments to regions that are not UPS Cargo's Delivery Center.

I'm having trouble placing my order, what should I do?

You can send the error images you encounter during the transactions you have made on via the e-mail address or you can get help by contacting our customer service at +905323760178.

Which shipping company do you work with?

For the purchases you have made on our website, we deliver the product with UPS Cargo.

Why was my order not shipped?

As ÇiçekIsleri, we always send your orders within the shortest possible delivery time. In rare cases, unexpected situations can cause delays.

Some situations that may cause such delays;

If you have purchased the last product remaining in stock and if there is a production-related defect in the product, a new one is being supplied from different warehouses,

If the order delivery coincides with the discount period,

If there is a situation that develops outside of our control, such as adverse weather conditions.

Can I cancel my cargo order?

For the cancellation of your orders that are in the shipping process, you can call 05345428197 and get information.